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As the landscape changes…..

First and Foremost everyone, Hope you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Years!

As we approach 2011, I can not help but to think about what new changes it may bring. 2010 was a year of adversity, growth for some, learning for all, and strengthening for those of us still standing.

We have seen the digital era show it’s might in full force. From digital magazines, ipad apps, to the Nook, Kindle, and Ipad. Printers have attempted to bring the web into the printed product with QR Codes, Augmented Reality and becoming more active on social media sites. Printers are no longer just companies that put “ink on paper” and Publishers are no longer people that produce only one marketing tool.

As we continue to strive to integrate all aspects of marketing communications, it leaves me to wonder what could possibly be next? The answer is I have no idea, well I have some idea, but only speculation. Regardless of what comes next, I look forward to embracing those changes, adapting to our ever changing landscape, and becoming the best that I can be.

Let’s look forward to the future with great optimism, excitement, and the readiness to adapt. I know 2010 may have not been the greatest year for Publishers and Printers alike, but through this year we have all gotten stronger and better, and for that I am thankful.

The only for sure thing is that the landscape is going to continue to change, whether you keep up is up to you, but I hope to see you all along side me on this marathon with a smile!

Happy New Years ! See you in 2011!


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