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Throw a QR Code on it!

Recently, I have had the privilege of participating in some great discussions on LinkedIn about how people, and organizations are utilizing QR codes to enhance their brand and message. I was surprised to see all the new, creative, and unique ways that QR codes are being used. Below is a list of most of those ideas, I hope it gives you some inspiration!

  • Real Estate signs- This is one I am seeing more of. I walk my dog quite a bit, and scan the QR codes on the signs all the time…this is genius! By linking the QR code to the listing, you are immediately allowing the buyer to make a decision if they want to see the house or not.
  • Business Cards- Input your information into the QR code so that it saves right to the potential client’s Outlook when they scan it. OR, link it to a short Youtube video that introduces yourself to them.
  • Catalogs- To me this is kind of a no brainer. With studies showing that a printed catalog doubles your sales, think about what the convenience of a QR code would do to increase your sales even more! Link it to your website, where they can easily order the products they want, whether they are on the go or just don’t want to jump on the computer…it would be an avenue worth exploring!
  • Publications- Offer this to your advertisers, anything you can do to help increase their sales and website traffic will only build more loyalty!
  • Devices- In one group, a gentleman said that a company that makes prosthetic devices was putting QR codes with them, linking them to a manual of how to utilize the device. Now that’s a great idea!
  • Packaging- I see them on food products everywhere now, most of the time linking to a URL….but what about a text message showing the health benefits of your product! That’s information I want to know, make it easy for me to find though!  I don’t want to have to search for it on the package!
  • Direct Mail- I am running a direct mail campaign right now that is based around a QR code which is linked to a short “skit” on Youtube. The idea, make it more than another “piece of mail” and give it a face.
  • Products- Link it to your Youtube commercial. If its a bow, show me a hunting video of the bow I am about to buy being used to shoot a 10 point buck….get me excited to purchase your product!
  • Restaurants- Try putting one on a menu, or your placemats.  If you do delivery link the QR code to your phone number.  That way I don’t have to keep searching through my junk drawer for an old menu that has your number on it!  If it’s a dine in have a welcome you tube video from the chef.

QR codes can be used in a variety of promotial, informative, and fun ways. Even better, they are easy to use, easy to get, and allow for a simple way to track your efforts. I don’t see how you could lose!

I told my wife today that I am going to find a way to put a QR code on my dogs name tag. If he were to get lost, someone could just scan the code and a text message would pop up of where to return him. I love my dog that much, I hope you love your business that much!

For great groups to join on LinkedIn where people come to share insight, ideas, and actually discuss topics (and played a vital role in ideas for this blog) check these groups out:

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  1. Love QR Codes, but…

    For that menu – uh, wouldn’t you still have to hunt for that menu in order to scan the code to get the phone number?

    …and never, ever put your dog’s name on their collar or tag. If he gets stolen, the thief will have his name and be able to get the dog to respond to him/her. But the QR code on the tag is a great idea. Even better would be if you could get a message sent to your phone with the number and location of the person who just scanned the QR.

    Comment by The Phantom | March 28, 2011 | Reply

    • Hey Phantom!

      Thank you for you the note. As far as the menu thing goes, you are right, you would still need to find the menu. However, putting a QR code on it so I can scan it and it automatically calls you would be much more convenient for me. And maybe, I will rip the QR code off, put it in my wallet or hang it on my refrigerator so I don’t have to look for your menu anymore.

      For the dog tag…..that would be really cool if a QR code could somehow tell you where your dog was. Thanks for the tips about the dog tag too…..something to keep in mind!

      Comment by noahknoble | March 28, 2011 | Reply

  2. I saw the part about the dog collar and thought the same thing you did – that it would be useful to have the QR code tell you where your dog was.

    This should in theory be possible by linking the QR code to a page that uses JavaScript to detect and send you an email/text with the GPS location. I believe this is possible on at least iOS ( and Android.

    Comment by Nick | April 30, 2011 | Reply

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