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Thank you for stopping by my blog.
My approach to working with print buyers is non-traditional. I truly believe, and operate with the mindset, that I am an extension of your organizations marketing and purchasing teams.This is shown by providing unique ideas for your print marketing vehicle, offering cost savings ideas, press flexibility to meet quick turn times,hands on communication throughout your project, onsite technical training, and digital solutions that will enhance your brand.

My promise to you is to never become a shadow, a sales representative that can no longer be reached once they have earned the privilege of working with you. Instead, perpetually being committed to growing our relationship, consulting with your team, staying up to date and educated on all new innovative technologies/print offerings, and always building your trust in me as well as J.B. Kenehan.

As a committed organization to reducing our carbon foot print with recycling programs that go far beyond the industry standard, we have earned the following certifications:

– Soy Ink, FSC, and Rain Forest Alliance

Also, as a dedicated organization to print excellence we have earned G- 7 certification.

We know that no matter what market or industry you(or we) are in, commodity or not, it is the people that can never be marginalized. The people of J.B. Kenehan are among the brightest minds in the printing market, a Distribution Manager that serves on the Postal Consumer Council which acts as a liason between the general public and the USPS, Technical Service Director that is among the top minds of pre press work flow in the industry, and improved hundreds of organizations art files while streamlining their processes, Press and Bindery Managers with over 20 years within the print industry each, just to mention a few.

You will see, with J.B. Kenehan, as has been proven with our valued clients, we hold dear many of the same values, always committed to your success.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

Or follow me on Twitter:!/noahknoble

Mobile: 920-319-6923



  1. Hi Noah,

    Does JBK currently work with a digital edition provider? We have much experience working with larger printers such as Brown, Trend Offset and Hess and owuld be interested in discussing a relationship.

    Comment by Pierre Bisaillon | September 10, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Pierre,

      I am not real sure how to answer the question because when we were Conley Printing (about a week ago) we were working with Olive Software. Now that we are J.B. Kenehan I am not sure if they plan on continueing that relationship or not. I will find out and get back to you. One thing that would be key for us is teaming up with a digital provider that can offer two digital editions, one more of a basic page flipper and the other with more whips and whistles. Also, are you able to provide ipad apps, support qr codes, augmented reality and the like?

      Comment by noahknoble | September 10, 2010 | Reply

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